MITComm Telephony System provides an Advanced Solution to Communication Needs of any organization. MITComm provides all the features of traditional PABX Systems and much more.

It can be used by organizations both small and large, and can be Integrated with MITComm Call Center Suite to provide a truly integrated Communication System.

· Web based control panel
· Unlimited Level of IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
· Digital Call Recording
· Voice Mail
· Multi-party conference
· Virtual PBX

Web based Control Panel

MITComm provides a user friendly Web based control panel, which provides Configuration, Management and Reporting facilities.

Digital Call Recording

MITComm records all calls in digital format on harddisk in individual files. With all the Call Details recorded in a database, searching of a single call and then listening to is as simple as point and click.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

MITComm has IVR support built-in. It supports both Static and Dynamic (Database Integrated) IVRs. All Customer Support, Sales Information, Support Ticketing, Status Reporting etc. activities can be performed by the IVR.

MITComm IVR can be used to provide secure (authenticated) access to database. e.g. Customer’s access to Bank Account etc.

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